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[SND]01 Brand New Day.flac2020-12-06 15:14 48M 
[SND]02 Desert Rose.flac2020-12-06 15:14 49M 
[SND]03 If You Love Somebody Set Them Free.flac2020-12-06 15:14 57M 
[SND]04 Every Breath You Take.flac2020-12-06 15:14 49M 
[SND]05 Demolition Man.flac2020-12-06 15:14 54M 
[SND]06 Can't Stand Losing You.flac2020-12-06 15:14 33M 
[SND]07 Fields Of Gold.flac2020-12-06 15:15 43M 
[SND]08 So Lonely.flac2020-12-06 15:15 50M 
[SND]09 Shape Of My Heart.flac2020-12-06 15:14 50M 
[SND]10 Message In A Bottle.flac2020-12-06 15:15 59M 
[SND]11 Fragile.flac2020-12-06 15:15 44M 
[SND]12 Walking On The Moon.flac2020-12-06 15:15 49M 
[SND]13 Englishman In New York.flac2020-12-06 15:15 52M 
[SND]14 If I Ever Lose My Faith In You.flac2020-12-06 15:14 49M 
[SND]15 Roxanne.flac2020-12-06 15:14 38M 
[SND]16 Synchronicity II.flac2020-12-06 15:14 64M 
[SND]17 Next To You.flac2020-12-06 15:14 56M 
[SND]18 Spirits In The Material World.flac2020-12-06 15:14 50M 
[SND]19 Fragile.flac2020-12-06 15:14 46M 
[TXT]foo_dr.txt2020-12-06 15:14 1.9K 

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