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[SND]00.-Joe Cocker - Gold.m3u2020-12-06 15:16 1.1K 
[SND]01.-Feelin' Alright.flac2020-12-06 15:16 30M 
[SND]02.-With A Little Help From My Friends.flac2020-12-06 15:16 37M 
[SND]03.-Delta Lady.flac2020-12-06 15:16 20M 
[SND]04.-She Came In Through The Bathroom Window.flac2020-12-06 15:16 18M 
[SND]05.-Something.flac2020-12-06 15:16 23M 
[SND]06.-Darling Be Home Soon.flac2020-12-06 15:16 33M 
[SND]07.-The Letter (Live).flac2020-12-06 15:16 34M 
[SND]08.-Cry Me A River (Live).flac2020-12-06 15:16 29M 
[SND]09.-High Time We Went.flac2020-12-06 15:16 34M 
[SND]10.-Black-Eyed Blues.flac2020-12-06 15:16 32M 
[SND]11.-Midnight Rider.flac2020-12-06 15:16 28M 
[SND]12.-Put Out The Light.flac2020-12-06 15:16 32M 
[SND]13.-I Can Stand A Little Rain.flac2020-12-06 15:16 21M 
[SND]14.-You Are So Beautiful.flac2020-12-06 15:16 15M 
[SND]15.-I Think It's Gonna Rain Today.flac2020-12-06 15:16 26M 
[SND]16.-The Jealous Kind.flac2020-12-06 15:15 23M 
[SND]17.-Fun Time.flac2020-12-06 15:15 21M 
[SND]18.-I'm So Glad I'm Standing Here Today (With The Crusaders).flac2020-12-06 15:16 32M 
[SND]19.-Sweet Little Woman.flac2020-12-06 15:16 28M 
[SND]20.-Many Rivers To Cross.flac2020-12-06 15:16 24M 
[SND]21.-Up Where We Belong (Duet With Jennifer Warnes).flac2020-12-06 15:16 25M 
[SND]22.-Civilized Man.flac2020-12-06 15:16 27M 
[SND]23.-Shelter Me.flac2020-12-06 15:16 30M 
[SND]24.-You Can Leave Your Hat On.flac2020-12-06 15:16 31M 
[SND]25.-Unchain My Heart.flac2020-12-06 15:15 37M 
[SND]26.-When The Night Comes.flac2020-12-06 15:15 28M 
[SND]27.-Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word.flac2020-12-06 15:15 26M 
[SND]28.-Night Calls.flac2020-12-06 15:16 23M 
[SND]29.-Now That The Magic Has Gone.flac2020-12-06 15:16 34M 
[SND]30.-Summer In The City.flac2020-12-06 15:16 28M 
[SND]31.-Have A Little Faith In Me.flac2020-12-06 15:16 29M 
[SND]32.-Sail Away.flac2020-12-06 15:16 17M 
[SND]33.-Tonight.flac2020-12-06 15:17 36M 
[SND]34.-First We Take Manhattan.flac2020-12-06 15:17 27M 
[SND]35.-You Can't Have My Heart.flac2020-12-06 15:16 27M 
[SND]36.-One.flac2020-12-06 15:16 28M 
[TXT]DR7 & DR9.txt2020-12-06 15:16 3.7K 
[TXT]auCDtect.txt2020-12-06 15:16 14K 
[IMG]folder.jpg2020-12-06 15:16 221K 

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